The federal election is two days away and the Norwegian Poling Gnomes and I have thought some thoughts and reached some conclusions.

Things thought by the Norwegian Poling Gnomes:

1. A minority Liberal government is in the cards because (1) by legal convention the prime minister has the confidence of the house until resignation or removal and (2) the Liberals have natural allies whom they have not insulted or offended. 2. The substantial level of undecided voters means that there is a substantial margin of error for the relative percentages of “decided” votes. This is the case because there is no reason to believe that the undecided will be distributed among the parties in proportion to their share of the “decided” vote. The distribution of (decided) votes may prove different come Monday night.

Things thought by me:

1. Ideas and possibilities suffer under first-past-the-post and no thinkers of big thoughts captivated my attention. 2. Least-worst leader/party —or “worst-past-the-post”— is a terrible way to decide on a government. It’s like inviting the jockeys to duke it out to decide a horse race. 3. “Well, that was edifying!” was uttered by no one. Anywhere. At all. 4. I have confidence in platform initiatives which will be accomplished within the mandate and which have devices for ongoing verification and clear accountability. 5. Climate change is the big issue of our time and for such a future as we may or may not have. 6. Climate change is no longer a matter which can be addressed by incremental changes in behaviour. Substantial and economically disruptive action is required now. 7. Disparity of income and wealth have never been greater or more glaring. 8. If I hear a silver-spooned rich guy refer to “the middle class and those striving to join it” one more time, I’ll puke.

More things thought by me:

1. Mr. Singh impresses as likeable, intelligent, clear and responsive. 2. Mr. Singh is the obvious, thoughtful and credible partner in a Liberal-led minority government. 3. I still believe that Ms. May brings the greatest depth to the details of economic and dramatic transition required to address climate change. See Lawn Sign. 4. Mrs. May also impresses as a thoughtful and credible partner in a Liberal-led minority government. 5. I still wonder whether Mr. Trudeau might be willing to invite Mr. Singh and Ms. May both into a three-way partnership even if he does not require Ms. May’s votes to maintain the confidence of the House. This is one of those occasions where being hopeful is not the same as being optimistic. I am hopeful. See Redemption.

Still more things thought by me:

1. My thoughts and disappointment relative to Bill 21 —It is racist but no one would say so.— have not changed. See Mettle. 2. I am dismayed at the performance of the two successors to the historic Liberal and Conservative parties and their leaders. However, one suspects, in one’s lesser moments, that we are simply finding out more quickly and more graphically how the sausage is made. 3. The days of a two-party system involving HM’s government and a loyal opposition are well and truly past but we haven’t evolved anything better. 4. What we have now is an ill-fitting and ill-serving kludge. Did I hear anyone mention “Senate”?

André +

André Lavergne writing from a settler-descendant’s home on the traditional lands of the Neutral, Anishnaabe, and Haudenosaunee peoples on the Haldimand Tract (1784). 

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