We are fortunate, in Canada, to have access to good government, good healthcare, and an abundance of space in which to engage in social distancing. I take heart from five bits of information.

1. The rate of testing for COVID-19 is among the best in the world. In this last week of March, it exceeds 55,000 tests for a population of 38 million or 1.5 tests per 10,000 and climbing.

2. The rate of mortality for COVID-19 is one of the lowest in the world at c. 1%. Measurement varies widely across the globe yielding an apparent range of anywhere from a fraction of one percent to ten percent.

3. There is early evidence from BC to suggest that social distancing is working. The rate of increase in the number of cases is slowing. But these are very early days.

4. Our governments at every level are taking COVID-19 seriously and have proven agile, resourceful, responsive and engaged. Our prime minister and colleagues appear to be on top of things and willing to think and rethink their response.

5. Canadian scientists are at the forefront of COVID and allied research and potential immunological and other responses.

Yes, we are in pretty good shape in Canada. However, these are terrible times in many corners of the earth. Our good fortune begs the question “How might we share what we have among those who have less, whether now or at length?”

For now, at the front end of the pandemic, some advice out of New Zealand would seem to be exactly right: “Stay in your bubble and don’t burst anyone else’s!”

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